Chippewa Falls Main Street

Policies, Roles, and Responsibilities

2017 Chippewa Falls Farmers Market

Dates:      Thursdays, June 15th through mid-October, 2017
Times:      Noon – 6:00 p.m.
Location: Allen Park (about 1 S. Bridge St.)

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1. Who may sell:

It is the intention of the Chippewa Falls Farmers Market (CFFM) to support local products that are handmade or homegrown by the vendor. Vendor would include the person producing the product, an immediate family member of the vendor, or an employee of the vendor.

2. What may be sold:
General: Quality Wisconsin-grown products including, but not limited to fresh produce, fruits, flowers, plants, honey, and maple syrup. Meat, eggs, baked goods and processed items must be produced, packaged, and marketed in accordance with state and federal regulations.
Crafts: CFFM welcomes the participation of craft vendors. Crafts must be made by the vendor and be of original design. Items made from locally sourced materials are encouraged. The number of craft vendors and the type of craft are admitted at the discretion of Chippewa Falls Main Street.
Reselling: No resale items or rummage are allowed – new or used.

3. Market Spaces:

Market spaces are assigned by Chippewa Falls Main Street (CFMS). Slots are determined by Chippewa Falls Main Street to the vendor on a seasonal or daily basis. Spaces are approximately 12’x 30’ feet. If more space is needed, a vendor may rent out more than one space. Additional stall may be purchased after each request is filled. Goods may be sold from a table provided by the vendor that fits within their assigned market space.
Shade: Each vendor is required to have a tent, no smaller than 8x8 feet, covering their space.
Vehicles: Vehicles owned by the vendor are allowed in the market area, provided that they can fit within the boundaries of the assigned space. However, for safety reasons, once the market begins vehicles must remain turned off. Vehicles cannot be operated, moved, or turned on while the market is open for public sales.
Miscellaneous: CFFM reserves the right to assign any slot that is empty at the start of the market to any qualified vendor interested in becoming a daily vendor.

4. Vendor ship:

CFFM welcomes all qualified vendors to participate. To sell at CFFM vendor must have a signed registration on file at CFMS and have prepaid any fees. Vendors may register on-site with the market manager if spaces are available. $25 per day.

5. Vendor ship Categories:
Seasonal Vendor: $200.00 pays for one assigned market slot for each Thursday per week for the 2016 market season.
Daily Vendor: $25.00 pays for one assigned market slot for a single day. Fee must be paid to the Market Manager prior to set up on the market day in question.

6. Vendor Responsibilities:
A. Bring fresh, quality products to CFFM that abide by the above regulations.
B. Set-up, clean-up, and safe operation of their space.
C. Refrain from any vehicular traffic on the market lot during market times.
D. Sell products only during market times.
E. Notify CFMS or Market Managers should you be delayed or unable to make your market day by the Wednesday before.
F. Obtain necessary permits for State or local ordinances.
G. If wanting to participate in WIC, obtain WIC certification and show proof of certification at CFFM.
H. Each vendor must display a sign identifying the vendor by name and location of their farm/business.
I. Competitive pricing is encouraged; however pricing is at the discretion of the vendor.
J. Abide by market rules and regulations as well as city and state laws.
K. Help foster an orderly, friendly cooperative market atmosphere.

7. Violations:

Violations of any of the policies, roles, or responsibilities listed in this document are grounds for termination. If a vendor is terminated, no fees will not be refunded.

8. Grievances or Concerns:

Grievances or concerns should be put in writing and include a clear and specific description of the situation and given to the Market Manager(s) or CFMS. All violations and grievances are resolved by CFMS.

9. Miscellaneous:
All vendors will receive a copy of the CFFM Policies, Roles and Responsibilities AND your signed contract.
No pets will be allowed at the market except for service animals.
Vendors are asked not to smoke or consume alcohol in the vicinity of the market.

10. Market Management:
The Market Managers are seasonal vendors who manage the market on a day-to-day basis.
They maintain friendly and orderly market by:

  • Announcing the opening of the market
  • Making sure facilities are available
  • Registering Daily Vendors
  • Displaying materials as needed
  • Removing any traffic cones at the end of the market day

For this service, Market Managers do not have to pay the seasonal fee.