Want to win prizes by shopping small downtown? 

Here's how:

1. Shop at any downtown businesses in Chippewa Falls and keep all of your receipts.

2. Staple all of your receipts (or photocopies) to an entry form. (Pick up an entry form

in downtown businesses or click here to download a PDF.) Staple "Double Day" receipts


3. Bring in your form and attached receipt(s) to the Chippewa Falls Main Street office

at 514 N Bridge Street or send by mail.

You will receive (1) entry for every $10 spent in the downtown. Receipts need to be dated from
October 1 - December 31, 2021. Entries must be received by January 4, 2022.

Click here for full sweepstakes rules.


Do I need to submit a separate entry form every time I spend $10?

No, you may save all of your receipts and submit them together with one form. The math will be done for you and you'll be given one entry for every $10 spent downtown.

I submitted my receipts, but now I spent another $10. Can I enter again?

Yes! Simply attach your new receipts to a new entry form. However, if you submit multiple entry forms, the math will be done only for the receipts attached to that specific entry form. For example, if you spend $27 and submit your entry form and receipts on November 10, you will receive (2) entries. If you spend an additional $13 and submit this receipt and entry form on December 1, you will receive (1) entry, even though you have spent $40 total. To avoid this problem, we encourage you to submit all of your receipts with one entry form!

Do  receipts for gift cards/certificates count?

Yes! If ordered online, print off the online (or email) receipt to attach to your entry form. 

Paint the Town Pink

October 4 - 10
Receive (2) entries for every $10 spent downtown!


Christmas Sweepstakes

​December 8 - 14

Receive (2) entries for every $10 spent downtown!

October 1 - December 31, 2021

Downtown Chippewa Falls

Small Business Saturday

​November 27

Receive (2) entries for every $10 spent downtown!


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