Downtown Revitalization              Business Assistance               Historic Preservation

Chippewa Falls Main Street



       4:30 AM Coffehouse & Drive-Up608 N. Bridge Street715.720.6165
       Bomb Tacos504 N. Bridge Street715.379.0930
       Burger King228 W. River Street715.726.1772
       Casa Mexicana324 N. Bridge Street715.726.2315
       Farm Store Grille213 N. Bridge Street715.723.7000
       The Fill Inn Station Restaurant & Saloon104 W. Columbia Street715.723.6551
       Hong Kong House412 N. Bridge Street715.723.1401
       Jimmy John's 424 N. Bridge Street715.720.9800
       Lucy's Delicatessen117 N. Bridge Street715.720.9800
       Mahli Thai Asian Cuisine212 N. Bridge Street715.861.5333
       Olson's Ice Cream Parlor & Deli611 N. Bridge Street


       Wissota Chophouse100 N. Bridge Street715.720.0550


       Bye The Willow501 N. High Street715.559.0371
       Chippewa River Distillery & Brewster Bros. Brewing Co.402 W. River Street715.861.5100
       Every Buddy's Bar & Grill19 W. Central Street715.861.3838
       The Leinie Lodge124 E. Elm Street888.534.6437
       Leroy's on Spring24 W. Spring Street715.720.0976
       Ritz on the River114 W. River Street715.726.8710
       Rookies Pub616 N. Bridge Street534.220.7027
       Sheeley House Saloon234 W. River Street715.726.0561
       Snout Saloon13 W. Central Street715.723.4848
       Tomahawk Room306 N. Bridge Street715.726.9433
       Village Tavern32 W. Spring Street715.723.3009


       Current Catering36 W. Spring Street715.723.7886
       The Fill Inn Station104 W. Columbia Street715.723.6551
       Lucy's Delicatessen117 N. Bridge Street715.720.9800



       Finish By Design111 W. Spring Street715.723.6400
       Idea105 N. Bridge Street715.226.1474


       Brown Barn116 N. Bridge Street715.827.0413
       Chippewa's Woolen Shop60 E. Elm Street715.723.4518
       Country Treasures216 N. Bridge Street715.723.8883
       Eevy Ivy Over Floral & Vicki's Frame Shop314 N. Bridge Street715.726.0812
       Foreign 5123 N. Bridge Street715.723.6389
       Friday'z Boutique33 W. Spring Street612.741.5294
       Garage Salon & Spa45 E. Elm Street715.723.2396
       The Leinie Lodge124 E. Elm Street888.534.6437


       Amundson's Appliance124 N. Bridge Street715.720.8000


       Foreign 5 Bridal Sweet123 N. Bridge Street715.723.6389


       TC Teks224 N. Bridge Street715.738.2223


       Family Dollar25 W. Central Street715.720.6162
       Mason Shoe Outlet301 N. Bridge Street715.723.4323


       Eevy Ivy Over Floral & Vicki's Frame Shop314 N. Bridge Street715.726.0812
       Foreign 5123 N. Bridge Street715.723.6389
       Gordy's Market212 Bay Street715.726.2500


       Eevy Ivy Over Floral & Vicki's Frame Shop314 N. Bridge Street715.726.0812


       Duncan Creek Manufacturing4 Pond Street715.720.1400
       Finish By Design111 W. Spring Street715.723.6400
       House Blend Lighting + Design215 N. Bridge Street715.726.3080
       Idea105 N. Bridge Street715.226.1474
       Korger's Furniture & Decorating201 N. Bridge Street715.723.8852
       One of a Kind Interior Design215 N. Bridge Street715.726.2000


       Bay Street Coin17 Bay Street715.723.1985
       Brown Barn116 N. Bridge Street715.827.0413
       Chippewa Candy Shop322 N. Bridge Street715.861.7880
       Chippewa River Distillery & Brewster Bros. Brewing Co.402 W. River Street715.861.5100
       Chippewa's Woolen Shop60 E. Elm Street715.723.4518
       Clockworks & Engraving607 N. Bridge Street715.720.1220
       Country Treasures216 N. Bridge Street715.723.8883
       Eevy Ivy Over Floral & Vicki's Frame Shop314 N. Bridge Street715.726.0812
       Family Dollar25 W. Central Street715.720.6162
       Finish By Design111 W. Spring Street715.723.6400

       Foreign 5

123 N. Bridge Street715.723.6389
       Idea105 N. Bridge Street715.226.1474
       K3 Fantasy & Sports Cards23 W. Spring Street715.726.8780
       The Leinie Lodge9 Jefferson Ave.715.720.2220
       Valley Art Gallery304 N. Bridge Street



       B & G Liquor301 Bay Street715.723.1110
       Express Mart805 N. Bridge Street715.723.0061
       Gordy's Market212 Bay Street715.726.2500
       Mega Holiday Station Store501 N. Bridge Street715.861.5400
       Sokup's Market624 N. Bridge Street715.723.4953


       Jacobson's Ace Hardware111 W. Columbia Street715.861.2050
       Korger's Furniture & Decorating201 N. Bridge Street715.723.8852


       A Anderson Jewelers300 N. Bridge Street715.720.7880
       Eric's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry111 N. Bridge Street715.723.0180


       Mason Shoe Outlet301 N. Bridge Street715.723.4323


       Bill's Sport Shop620 N. Bridge Street715.723.9033
       Jacobson's Ace Hardware111 W. Columbia Street715.861.2055
       Falls Bowl9 W. Columbia Street715.723.3347
       Spring Street Sports12 W. Spring Street715.723.6616



       Culbertson Tax Services20 Bay Street715.720.6150
       Goettl Income Tax Service19 Bay Street715.723.0900
       Thompson & Falkenberg CPAs17 W. Central Street715.723.7500


       Anderson Law Office411 N. Bridge Street715.720.4500
       Asher-Raihle Law Office33 W. Cedar Street715.720.0972
       Brown-Jager Law Office411 N. Bridge Street715.529.1865
       Czech Law Office14 W. Willow Street715.720.9786
       David Field, Attorney103 N. Bridge Street715.861.7899
       Ferg & Sinclair, LTD411 N. Bridge Street715.723.4443
       Hoel Law Office103 N. Bridge Street715.202.0505
       McDonough Law Office103 N. Bridge Street715.723.4000
       Mullen, Schlough & Associates, S.C.619 N. Bridge Street715.723.7160
       Prock Law Office & Alternative Dispute Resolution Services411 N. Bridge Street715-720-0707
       Schmoldt Law Office705 Bay Street715.726.3070
       Thorson Law Office220 W. Willow Street715.723.0375
       Wiley Law Office119-1/2 N. Bridge Street715.723.8591


       Carquest Auto Parts20 Island Street715.723.9391
       Chippewa Auto Body, Inc.33 Pine Street715.723.7369
       Goulet's Auto Service410 Bay Street715.720.7169
       Martell Tire & Auto Service110 Bay Street715.723.1167
       The Muffler Shop17 Taylor Street715.726.1415
       Weigand Sales Co.28 W. Willow Street715.723.3483


       Cedar Falls Building Systems705 Bay Street715.723.5511
       Krueger Welding18 W. Willow Street715-723-7857
       Phalen & Popple, Inc.35 E. Willow Street715.723.3629
       Stary Construction510 N. Bridge Street715.828.5383


       Express Mart805 N. Bridge Street715.723.0061
       Mega Holiday Station Store501 N. Bridge Street715.861.5400
       Steve's Car Wash406 High Street715.720.9471


       Central Lutheran Church28 E. Columbia Street715.723.9336
       Christ Episcopal Church624 Bay Street715.723.7667
       First Presbyterian Church130 W. Central Street715.723.5717
       Trinity United Methodist Church201 W. Central Street715.723.2806


       Alzheimer's Association404-1/2 N. Bridge Street715.720.7611
       American Legion Post 7712 E. Spring Street715.720.0995
       Barnabas Christian Coffee House19 W. Spring Street715.404.8055
       Boys & Girls Club of the Great Chippewa Valley21 E. Grand Avenue715.720.9206
       Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce1 N. Bridge Street715.723.0331
       Chippewa Falls Main Street514 N. Bridge Street715.723.6661
       Chippewa Family Services821 N. Bridge Street715.723.7566
       Community Foundation of Chippewa County404-1/2 N. Bridge Street715.723.8125
       Community Pantry105 N. Bridge Street715.720.4505
       Edward & Hannah Rutledge Charities404 N. Bridge Street715.723.6618
       Family Support Center403 High Street715.723.1138
       L.E. Phillips Career Development Center508 N. Bridge Street715.861.5002
       Northwest Pathways to Independence512 Bay Street715.723.7570
       Open Door Clinic130 W. Central Street715.720.1443
       River Source Family Center403 High Street715.720.1841
       Salvation Army Food Pantry521 N. Bridge Street715.726.9506
       Women's Way13 Bay Street715.723.2241


       TC Teks224 N. Bridge Street715.738.2223


       Marriage & Family Health Services405 Island Street715.726.9208


       3D Fitness312 N. Bridge Street715.723.3800
       Clear Water Martial Arts20 W. Spring Street715.723.3321
       CrossFit Chippewa Falls15 W. Grand Avenue715.271.8893
       Elite Karate Studios410 Bay Street715.720.9218
       Jean Marie's School of Dance31 W. Spring Street715.723.8635


       Associated Bank212 Bay Street715.723.1355
       Bank Mutual35 W. Columbia Street715.723.0324
       BMO Harris Bank411 N. Bridge Street715.723.5531
       Chippewa Valley Wholesale Mortgage705 Bay Street715.720.9830
       Edward Jones - Docksey706 N. Bridge Street715.723.8588
       Ford Financial Group821 N. Bridge Street715.635.3136
       Martell Wealth Management103 N. Bridge Street715.871.7200
       Northwestern Bank202 N. Bridge Street715.723.4461
      Old National Bank302 Bay Street715.438.6364
       Raymond James Fries Financial Services11 E. Central Street715.720.9605
       Royal Credit Union215 Bay Street715.720.5814
       Thrivent Financial705 Bay Street715.723.2506


       Horan Funeral Home420 Bay Street715.723.4404
       Pederson-Volker Funeral Chapel44 E. Columbia Street715.723.4649


       Express Mart805 N. Bridge Street715.723.0061
       Mega Holiday Station Store #3737312 Bay Street715.726.2500
       Mega Holiday Station Store #3716501 N. Bridge Street715.723.9585


       Post Glass & Mirror312 Island Street715.723.8676
       White City Glass37 W. Spring Street715.723.7015


       Chippewa County Courthouse711 N. Bridge Street715.726.7980
       Chippewa County Sheriff32 E. Spruce Street715.726.7701
       Chippewa County UW Extension Office711 N. Bridge Street715.726.7950
       Chippewa Falls City Hall30 W. Central Street715.726.2719
       Chippewa Falls Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department30 W. Central Street715.723.0051
       Chippewa Falls Police Department210 Island Street715.723.4424
       Chippewa Falls Public Library105 W. Central Street715.723.1146
       United States Post Office315 N. Bridge Street715.723.5590


       Cobblestone Hotel & Suites100 N. Bridge Street715.720.0355


       American Family Insurance - Paul Schlosser524 Bay Street715.723.3293
       Bourget Insurance7 E. Spring Street715.723.0313
       Eagle Point Mutual Insurance Co.23 W. Central Street715.723.9333
       Meinen Insurance21 W. Central Street715.723.1174
       Precision Retirement Group103 N. Bridge Street800.238.9101
       Rural Mutual Insurance Company15 W. Central Street715.723.6666
       Spectrum Insurance318 N. Bridge Street715.723.8135
       State Farm Insurance - Jeff Flaig421 Island Street715.723.9128


       Finish By Design111 W. Spring Street715.723.6400
       House Blend Lighting + Design215 N. Bridge Street715.726.3080
       Idea105 N. Bridge Street715.226.1474
       Korger's Furniture & Decorating201 N. Bridge Street715.723.8852
       One of a Kind Interior Design217 N. Bridge Street715.726.2000


       Express Mart805 N. Bridge Street715.723.0061
       Pam's Quick Wash & Dry Cleaning17 W. Willow Street715.723.0582


       Excite! Wellness Studio107 N. Bridge Street715.861.5744
       For Your Health133 W. Central Street715.226.0896
       Pink Serenity Massage17 W. Willow Street715.563.1436
       Zaniya Massage133 W. Central Street715.226.0638


       Alpha Chiropractic17 W. Spring Street715.720.7116
       Cornerstone Physical Therapy224 N. Bridge Street715.723.4451
       Dental Health Care Center38 E. Grand Avenue715.723.6800
       Finn Chiropractic17 E. Central Street715.861.5266
       Haley Dental702 Bay Street715.723.4949
       Kristo Orthodontics117 Island Street715.723.2871
       Larson Orthodontic Specialists705 Bay Street715.726.9260
       Miracle Ear218 Island Street715.718.4234
       Northwoods Family Eyecare113 N. Bridge Street715.723.9187
       Nyhus Chiropractic109 Bay Street715.723.3250
       Open Door Clinic130 W. Central Street715.720.1143
       Post Dentistry115 Island Street715.723.3534
       Sweeney Dental134 W. Columbia Street715.723.5581
       Willow Street Dental123 W. Willow Street715.723.5688


       Affinitech101 N. Bridge Street844.688.7600
       Chippewa Surveying, Inc.411 N. Bridge Street715.726.4600
       Danielle Pilkin Promotions411 N. Bridge Street715.579.5366
       Democratic Party of Chippewa County103 N. Bridge Street715.450.7912
       Genesis Direct101 N. Bridge Street813.855.4274
       Glaze N' Glass24 W. Cedar Street715.861.7979
       Krueger Welding18 W. Willow Street715.723.7857

       Machine Tool Camp

128 W. River Street715.797.4507
       R-Tech Dental Equipment16 Taylor Street715.723.0737
       Screen Printing & Graphics by Design103 N. Bridge Street715.720.8719
       Short Elliot Hendrickson (SEH)10 N. Bridge Street715.720.6200
       Tiry Engineering220-1/2 N. Bridge Street715.723.6777
       Travel Leaders of Chippewa Falls31 E. Columbia Street715.723.9352
       TTS101 N. Bridge Streetnot available
       Wisconsin Farmers Union117 W. Spring Street715.723.5561


       Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry & Technology21 E. Grand Avenue715.720.9206


       Northwoods Violins15 E. Central Street715.861.5656


       The Medicine Shoppe603 N. Bridge Street715.723.9192


       Andrew Samplawski Photography103 N. Bridge Street715.289.3773


       Insty Prints13 E. Spruce Street715.723.4697


       Coldwell Banker Brenizer, Realtors600 Bay Street715.723.5521


       The Blank Palette120 N. Bridge Street715.864.5665
       E-Clips Studio622 N. Bridge Street715.829.9073
       Final Touch101 Bay Street715.723.1481
       Garage Salon & Spa45 E. Elm Street715.723.2396
       Garnet's Barber Shop510 N. Bridge Street715.723.1781
       Glitz & Glam29 W. Spring Street715.861.3995
       Lovely Nails27 W. Spring Street715.720.9355
       Pa's Ol' Time Barbershop117 Island Street715.720.8808
       Shades of You223 N. Bridge Street715.723.3670
       Spring Street Studio34 W. Spring Street715.723.3672
       The Styling Post33 E. Columbia Street715.723.5111


       Gaber Signs33 E. Willow Street715.723.3437
       Insty Prints13 E. Spruce Street715.723.4697


       Shades of You223 N. Bridge Street715.723.3670

       Communications Systems International103 N. Bridge Street800.720.5242


       Associate Title Co.705 Bay Street715.720.0525
       Chippewa County Abstract & Title Co.18 W. Spring Street715.723.3747
       Gowey Abstract & Title502 N. Bridge Street715.723.3131